Experience design from a single mould.

Can you feel the harmony of the water that is elegantly reproduced in Sinea’s curved shapes?

A design that is natural and extravagant at the same time: chromium bar handles. The mineral cast washstand from a single mould with a wavy design. Or elegant surfaces that remind you of the smoothness of the refreshing element. A bathroom product line to make you feel good, with a lot of attention to detail.



Fire is temperature, but also light. Earth stands for the material things you can feel. Air is the medium in which we perceive colours, tones, smells. And water – well it‘s about a bathroom, so water doesn’t really need explanation. What is fascinating, however, is that just as tradition tells us that the four elements can be mixed together in innumerable variations, the levels of perception also blend. How they overlap determines the atmosphere of a room, and it is the atmosphere that appeals to and touches us. A room shows itself not only to the eye; it strikes a chord with the entire human being.

Experience the elegant appearance.

Be fascinated by a unique collection of bathroom furniture. Diva is a tribute to the attraction of mysterious women. Radiantly sensual, perfectly consistent and excitingly rich in contrasts.
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