Here in our showroom, we offer the latest in contemporary and modern bathrooms. Below you will find links to a selection of the brands and products we offer in store.
From Axor to Zehnder, we hope you find what you are looking for, in search of your dream bathroom.


The Axor brand offers diversity in an ever changing world. Pairing up with the worlds leading designers results in beautiful products.


Bisque were the pioneers of the heating industry, the first to bring designer radiators to the UK. Out with the boring, in with the Bisque.


Burgbad explore beyond the realms of ordinary, radiating the glow of the bathroom among the whole household, and we’re grateful for that.


As diverse as they come, Keuco have branched out to fit all needs since becoming market leader. Anything you need, Keuco has.


It sounds as good as it is. German engineering at its finest, creating the most luxurious bathroom spaces and finished with that unforgettable logo.


Futuristic meets functionality with VitrA. Motivated by the innovation surrounding bathrooms. If you want modern, here’s modern.


Zehnder offer the highest quality heating, guaranteed to make your home look incredible, whilst remaining toasty warm and comfy, just how you like it.


We’re still working with all our suppliers to get you the latest products. We should be up and running in the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy the current ones.