Vitra Istanbul Series
Vitra Istanbul Series
Vitra Istanbul Series

The future via innovation

Combining superior quality with eccentric, futuristic innovation, VitrA bathroom accessories are becoming an essential part of modern bathroom living.
With countless awards gifted for the beauty of design they are capable of, it is of no surprise that design is at the core of the brand. VirtrA pride themselves on being at the forefront of an innovative bathroom revolution, putting a modern twist on their Turkish routes, bringing millennia of Turkish ceramics and bathing culture in to the 21st century.

Changing the game

A new type of bathroom awaits you. It’s no longer a mixture of different components and fixtures. It’s no longer an isolated or forgotten space. It’s a room that embraces your values and enhances daily life.

So whether you’re conscious of cleanliness, style, comfort, or practicality, you can look to one brand. Vitra offers you a complete, unified vision that’s worthy of your own home and lifestyle.

Vitra has evolved bathroom culture for over 60 years. From the country that perfected the rituals of human cleanliness with hammams, comes a brand that will totally change your notion of the bathroom.